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This work is inspired by the warm sea. The power and depth of the water but also at the same time the tenderness, the silence and the sparkle on the water surface. 


The shade of turquoise radiates the calm and serenity of blue, the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow. Turquoise indicates open communication and clarity of thought. It helps to connect heart and mind. The color turquoise controls and heals emotions and creates an emotional balance. Turquoise refreshes and warms the soul. 


  • ° Artwork is ready to hang 
    ° Two layers of transparent varnish protect the painting
    ° Artwork is signed on the front and on the back
    ° Artwork will delivered with a certificate of authenticity
    ° Worldwide shipping available


    Title: Calming Blue Lagoon
    Technique: Oil, Acrylic, Rice Paper on canvas
    Dimension: 90 x 80 cm 
    Year: 2022

    Price: 1.950 Euro incl. 7% VAT