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In Japan each flower has its own deep meaning, often based on the visual characteristics of the plant and its mentions in art and literature. Therefore, in Japanese culture, each flower is used to express emotions or feelings. They are also a sign of reverence and appreciation. The delicate flower petals make us realize that human life is certainly beautiful but at the same time fleeting, so

 we should enjoy it to the fullest while we can. 


Red stands for love, security and passion. It is a color that has always aroused deep feelings in us. It is the color of love, but also of fire. Red has a stimulating effect and is associated with vitality, strength and movement. Red energizes and invigorates body, mind and soul.


  • ° Artwork is ready to hang and framed in a white box wooden frame
    ° Two layers of transparent varnish protect the painting
    ° Artwork is signed on the front and on the back
    ° Artwork will delivered with a certificate of authenticity
    ° Worldwide shipping available


    Title: Japanese Blossoms III
    Technique: Oil, Acrylic, Rice Paper on canvas
    Dimension: 110 x 100 cm / 112 x 102 cm framed
    Year: 2022

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