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This artwork is inspired by a sunny walk through a beautiful tulip field.

The fragrance and refreshing colors are a rush for the nose and the eyes. The red tulips are under a clear light blue sky. This work is a reminder of those beautiful moments.


Red stands for love, security and passion. It is a color that has always aroused deep feelings in us. It is the color of love, but also of fire. Red has a stimulating effect and is associated with vitality, strength and movement. Red energizes and invigorates body, mind and soul.


  • ° Artwork is ready to hang and framed in a white box wooden frame 
    ° Two layers of transparent varnish protect the painting
    ° Artwork is signed on the front and on the back
    ° Artwork will delivered with a certificate of authenticity
    ° Worldwide shipping available


    Title: Red Tulips Field
    Technique: Oil, Acrylic, Rice Paper on canvas
    Dimension: 100 x 100 cm / 102 x 102 cm framed
    Year: 2022

    Price: 2.800 Euro incl. 7% VAT  (SOLD)